How This Story Goes

Title: How This Story Goes
Fandom: Castle (though this isn’t an in-your-face fan song)
Character/s: Kate Beckett
Pairing: Castle/Beckett
Key: B minor
Completed on: 23 May 2010
Notes: Written for an image song lyrics challenge at a Castle community. (Yes, they only asked for lyrics and I wrote a song. Overkill, indeed.)

Download: How This Story Goes – mp3 (Mediafire)

Right from the start, I’ve been all
Right on my own
Sealed off my heart
I wanna be left alone, so
Walk out the door, please just
Walk, don’t look back
It’s not how this story goes
No, not how this story goes

I don’t need your promises,
I don’t need your empty words,
I don’t need your sympathy,
Leave me be
That’s all I need

Right from the start, I’m not all
Right on my own
Sealed off my heart
Don’t wanna be left alone; don’t
Walk out the door, just don’t
Walk, please, look back
Cause that’s how this story goes
Yeah, that’s how this story goes

But I need more than promises,
I need more than empty words,
I need more than sympathy,
All I need
All I need…is…

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4 thoughts on “How This Story Goes”

  1. Excuse me, these are awesome. I’ve actually never listened to any of the ones you posted on LJ, but I thought since I was in the mood from stalking I’d listen to them.

    They’re lovely. Make a whole CD please. With and without lyrics please. :)

    • Aww, thanks so much! I’d love to keep playing with music, though it’s a bit difficult at the moment cause I don’t have constant access to a piano or keyboard. But who knows, maybe my next fansong will be a Sailormoon one! :D

  2. You are an amazing musician!

    I have been doing music for years, but it has been a long time since I have heard anything as hauntingly beautiful as ‘Last Sacrifice’.

    I would be impressed to see anything else Harry Potter as I am impressed with your insight into the complicated mind of Severus Snape.

    If you ever get and free time and access to an instrument, it would be great to see some more songs :D

  3. You have an amazing voice and true talent.

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