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Samantha Lin was born in Shanghai, China, and grew up in Sydney, Australia. Throughout her thirty-odd years, she has been an accountant, bartender, English tutor, piano teacher, and Sailormoon. She holds a double BSc/BA (UNSW) in Psychology, Japanese, and English; an MA (Dunelm) in Romantic and Victorian Literary Studies; and a PhD (QUB) in English literature, specialising in Shakespeare film adaptations.

Her poetry and prose have been published in numerous editions of the UNSWeetened Literary Journal, and her short story “Lily of the Valley” won NCLA‘s 2012 UK International Students’ Short Story Competition.

She is the lead writer and spokesperson of the indie games-development group, Tea For Three Studios. Consequently, she is responsible for every written word (and typo) you see in the Regency-set visual novel, Regency Love.

She is currently the principal and director of Shakespeare Academy, a premium English tuition service in Sydney, Australia. She is always thinking about updating this site, but is often distracted by everything ranging from Tchaikovsky to Pokémon Go.

Instagram: @lovelies8 (the unending photo-a-day project)
Twitter: @samanthalin
Facebook: SamanthaLinWriter Samantha Lin

4 thoughts on “The Writer

  1. Hi Sammy

    Your story was absolutely captivating… congratulations on your win, very well deserved!

    I also love your web site which is giving me lots of new reading ideas… to add to the ever growing pile of books (both physical and kindle) that I don’t have time to read.

    Sorry that we’ve never really talked… it’s always tricky finding time to get to know people in choir when I often rush in late and leave immediately we’ve finished.

    Anyway, enough rambling I really just wanted you to know I loved your story.

    All the best

    • Hi Laura!

      Many thanks for your comment, and for your kind words! I am especially pleased to hear I’ve contributed to that never-ending to-read pile, and I’d love to know which titles are currently on the top of your list. I’m also very much looking forward to Rome, where I’m sure we’ll get more of a chance to chat about all manner of things!

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