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Since my previous stint in Sydney, the Interchange above Chatswood Station has exploded into existence, and now houses a whole bunch of shops and eateries. Amongst these is The Choc Pot, which belongs to a growing number of independent chocolate cafes dotted throughout Sydney. When Anika and I realised we’d both be in Chatswood one afternoon, we decided to check out the cafe for a bit of chocolatey indulgence.

Now, I know there’s a huge variety of preferences when it comes to chocolate, and some of these change with time. When I was (much, much) younger, I adored white chocolate, and refused to touch anything beyond a very milky milk chocolate. These days, I’m the complete opposite: I love the darkest of dark chocolates (the bitterer the better!), and tend to avoid even milk chocolates (except in moments of desperation when I stop discriminating and would happily eat everything). Since I have such a strong preference for dark chocolate, I’m always a little hesitant to try out new chocolate cafes and shops in case I find them lacking in cacao and overloaded with sugar.

Unfortunately, I found The Choc Pot much too sweet for me. When Anika’s red velvet hot chocolate ($6.50) was served, I could immediately smell the accompanying sweetness. She enjoyed it, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be a fan. Meanwhile, I opted for a berries and orange black tea ($5), which turned out to be the perfect accompaniment for the noms.

According to Anika, this was pretty much red velvety.

According to Anika, this was pretty much red velvety.

We got the signature dish, aptly named “The Choc Pot” ($12), which is a molten chocolate concoction containing brownie-like bits. And yes, we opted for additional ice-cream ($2.50), because yay ice-cream! I thought the Choc Pot itself to be a little above average–sure, it had the chocolate as promised, but it was…nothing extraordinary. I would’ve preferred something richer, or perhaps less sweet, but alas. Anika liked it though, further illustrating that chocolate does indeed get very, very personal. ;)

The signature Choc Pot, with ice-cream and a juicy strawberry.

The signature Choc Pot, with ice-cream and a juicy strawberry.

I’m also very sceptical when it comes to waffles or anything containing Belgian chocolate, because, well, my best friend lives in Belgium and I am a waffle fiend. Still, we opted to try the S’More Nuts waffle, which, though Anika enjoyed, I found much too sweet. The waffle itself was okay, and the toasted marshmallows and hazelnuts were nice, but there was just too much sugar for me.

The S'More Nuts waffle.

The S’More Nuts waffle.

On a final note, I have issues with The Choc Pot‘s slogan, which is “live cheeky”. I understand the sentiment, but…if you’re plastering those words everywhere (including on your crockery), please use adverbs, not adjectives, to describe your verbs.

Visited on: Friday, 25 September 2015. Afternoon tea.

Spent: $20 per person.

Overall: This place is just not my cup of…hot chocolate. That being said, I do appreciate the efforts of Sydney-siders to voice their own chocolatey voices amidst cafes such as Lindt, Guylian, and Max Brenner. If you’re a fan of milk/sugary chocolate, then The Choc Pot might be worth a visit; otherwise, consider looking elsewhere. 3/10.

The Choc Pot

The District, Level 3 Chatswood Interchange
Chatswood NSW 2067
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Sunday – Thursday: 11:00-22:00; Friday & Saturday: 11:00-22:30