Apologies for the slightly late post, but it’s July, which means it’s time for our second quarterly check-in! After receiving quite a few comments and suggestions about what to do with the “X” author name, I’ve decided to allow the letter “X” in any part of a writer’s surname. If you’d still like to pick someone whose surname begins with “X”, then please go ahead–but if you’re struggling to find something you’d like to read for “X”, then hopefully this will makes things a little easier!

Anyway, how has everyone been doing so far? Has the challenge helped you discover any new writers? Have you come across any particularly awesome or awful books/writers? Are you taking it slowly with the challenge, or are you almost finished? I’d love to know about your progress!

So far, I’ve finished exactly half of the challenge, at 13 different writers, and I gotta say I’m very glad to have come across some of them (such as Daphne du Maurier and Ruth Ozeki)!