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I had lunch at The Other Place, and it was pretty meh. Fortunately, that means a short and quick review!


I ordered: The £5 lunch deal with chicken goujons and chips.

Quality: Very average. The goujons were run-of-the-mill, and though the chips were yummy, they weren’t extraordinary.

Value: Really not worth the £5. I’m happy to pay a decent amount for decent food and service, but this was just…meh.

Atmosphere: I didn’t like this place at all—the music was too loud, the seats uncomfortable, and everything was just too try-hard while falling very short. Maybe it’ll be an okay eatery if you’ve got company and want something to munch on while talking loudly over the music, but it was pretty crappy for a solo lunch.

Service: Nothing memorable.

Dietary: Honestly, I didn’t care enough to ask.

Other notables: You can’t get a glass of free water here. Yup—you have to buy a bottle, or go thirsty.

Overall: 3/10, because the food was edible and I didn’t die afterwards

The Other Place

79 Botanic Avenue