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I’ve always been a huge fan of Boojum in Belfast, but a while ago, a friend and colleague suggested trying out Kurrito’s curry burritos. I’m a little sceptical of fusion flavours because they can be anywhere between amazeballs (Wild Ginger in Vanuatu comes to mind) and horrendous (clearly, I’ve erased those from my memory), but I decided to try out Kurrito with an open mind.

The lovely staff at work with my tortilla.

The lovely staff at work with my tortilla.

Lots of nomtastic options.

Lots of nomtastic options.

My "kurrito".

My “kurrito”.

I ordered: A “salan” (chicken) burrito with mint chutney and a bunch of fillings. This, with a drink, came down to £5.

Quality: The food was fresh and well-prepared, and the chicken was indeed quite succulent. However, I felt the meal would’ve been better separate than together, and in the case of the one Kurrito I had, I didn’t think the fusion was successful. I still ate and liked parts of my meal, but the combination tasted peculiar throughout. It was quite a shame because I love both curries and burritos—just not in the Kurrito way, it seems.

Value: The £5 deal for burrito and drink is very well worth it. I couldn’t finish my burrito (though I tried!), and took the rest home for a light meal the next day (which I actually enjoyed more, perhaps because the flavours had melded together better).

Atmosphere: It was pretty quiet when we went, though I’m not a fan of the seats (this will probably be a recurring theme). It was basically a typical fast-food place.

Service: The servers were friendly, laid-back, and didn’t mind me taking photos while they worked—always a plus! Very pleased on the service front.

Dietary: I’m not sure if their vegetarian options are vegan, but you can definitely go gluten-free here with a “bowl”.

Other notables: The £5 deal only applies to burritos, but the vegetarian options, “sabzi” (veggies) and “daal” (lentils), are £4.50 and would be under a fiver. I’m also a little curious about their roti base, and might try it out someday.

Overall: 6.5/10


26 Botanic Ave
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Monday – Saturday: 12:00 – 21:00; Sunday: 13:00 – 18:00