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It’s been way too long since my initial 12 Days and Ways with Pound Cake post (more from the lack of time to post than to gobble up the goodness), but I’ve finally put together the next four variations. Hope you get a chance to enjoy these!

Day/Way #5: Simply fried

I heated a rough tablespoon glob of butter on medium-high until it was happily bubbling away, then added my fifth slice of pound cake. Mine was a little charred because I was indecisive about which ice-cream I wanted, and subsequently got distracted rummaging through my freezer. Eventually, I opted for a few scoops of gooey Häagen-Dazs salted caramel, which was just delightful with the butter-fried and slightly caramelised cake.


Lots of wonderful contrasts here: sweet and salty, hot and cold, crunchy and creamy.

Om nom nom!

Om nom nom!

Day/Way #6: Chocolate-coated with custard

Chocolate time! Using the bain-marie/double boiling method, I melted about 40-50 grams of dark chocolate (yes, it might seem excessive, but now’s the time to be generous!). If I had a microwave, I would’ve given the chocolate a spin there instead. I then took a slice of pound cake from the freezer, broke it in half, and dunked the pieces in the melted chocolate, twirling and spooning where necessary to coat. The frozen cake helped the chocolate solidify rather quickly, after which I popped it back in the freezer for five minutes. I had some custard lying around, and served a few good dollops with the chocolate-coated cake. This one was very, very good, and I ate it with my fingers as dessert.

A little messy at first, but then...

A little messy at first, but then…

...magic! (Okay, I know it's science, but still. Chocolate has magical properties.)

…magic! (Okay, I know it’s science, but still. Chocolate has magical properties.)

With some custard.

With some custard.


Day/Way #7: Wild about berries

This suggestion was made by Ríonnagh Sheridan in a drool-worthy Facebook comment. I more or less followed her instructions, except I was slightly greedy and perhaps a little too generous with the ingredients… My result was a berry-tastic mess, but oh, it was a delicious one! Below are the steps I took—if you want a more moderate approach, use about three-quarters of the quantities.

  1. Heat ½ cup frozen summer or mixed berries in a pan with a bit of water or in the microwave until piping hot.
  2. Spread the slice with some lemon curd or other curd—Ríonnagh has been rocking some passionfruit curd, which I’m sure would be super tasty with this.
  3. Add 2-3 tablespoons Greek yoghurt.
  4. Pour over the hot fruit, and drizzle with a little honey to taste. I used a teaspoon.
  5. Optional: Top with some toasted nuts. I used a handful of walnuts, but Ríonnagh also recommends pecan or coconut flakes.

The result: total deliciousness! I made this as a mid-morning snack, and ended up skipping lunch because it was so filling. This could definitely work as a fancy-but-easy brunch!

Yup, I may have overdid it a little, but it was oh-so-glorious!

Yup, I may have overdid it a little, but it was oh-so-glorious!

Proof that there was some pound cake buried with the deliciousness.

Proof that there was some pound cake buried under the deliciousness.

Day/Way #8: A grilled pear-ing

Please pardon (pear-don?) the awful pun. On Facebook, Matthew Reznicek suggested a slice grilled with grilled peaches, but I couldn’t get my hands on any peaches (or a proper grill, for that matter). I decided to take the idea and pop a pear (halved and cored) under the oven grill/broiler, and then added a bit of Greek yoghurt. Overall, I was pretty disappointed—the pear and pound cake worked quite nicely, as did the pear and Greek yoghurt, but all three together? Not a fan—but hey, I’ve made the mistake so you don’t have to! ;)

A not-so-good pear-ing?

A not-so-successful pear-ing?

If I decide to try this again, I'd probably omit the yoghurt.

If I decide to try this again, I’d probably omit the yoghurt.

I’ll be putting up the final four variations in the next week or so, but in the meantime, I’d love to know about your favourite way/s with pound cake!