A few weeks ago, after the twentieth trip to pick up goodies from the post office, I started to realise that my book-buying habits were starting to get a little out of hand… But my to-read mountain was diminishing at an alarming rate, and when the number of new titles had descended to 70, I decided something had to be done. If only I could get more books without having to fork out moolah; if only I could swap the books in my collection I no longer wanted for new and exciting titles…

Oh wait, there’s an idea!

And so I organised my very first book swap event and invited anyone in Sydney who might’ve possibly have an interest in books, or in getting some new reading material, then asked them to spread the word about the free-for-all shiny bibliophilic extravaganza. Despite the rain, we had a small and cosy turnout, and many books were swapped. Our wet weather plan also worked beautifully! (The instruction was: “Bring an umbrella.”)


Bookswap02As for my haul? Six new titles to provide hours of fun!


Yes, cookbooks will indeed provide hours of (edible) fun!

I certainly had a great time at the book swap, and I plan on organising a sequel in around two months. It’ll once again be an open event, so everyone is more than welcome to join the fun. Feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter to get updates and whatnot!